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Mark is a native of North Carolina, growing up in the small Piedmont town of Badin. He's a graduate of the North Carolina public school system, all the way from elementary school to the University of North Carolina. Since he was 18 years old, he's been a part of the Marine Corps, first as a midshipman, and then as a commissioned officer, serving around the globe.


On the Issues

  • Jobs & the Economy

    Businesses are the engine of economic growth that provides for good jobs and benefits for our families. As a business owner for 24 years, I’ve created hundreds of great jobs with outstanding benefits. I understand the kind of policies that truly help our area. A healthy economy supports economic security, freedom, and upward mobility for our people.

    I believe in business friendly policies that are fair to all. Economic incentives should not be used as a slush fund for political advantage. Excessive tax and regulations on businesses put the brakes on growth and discourage companies from expanding or relocating to our area.

  • Taxes

    Low taxes mean more money for your family and stronger economic growth. I expect that our tax dollars will be spent wisely, and I expect the government to be good stewards of the hard-earned funds we entrust to them for the greater good. During my years as a CEO, I found that the answer to problems was usually found through innovation, solid leadership, and accountability for outcomes. My team worked together to look at problems from a fresh angle, leveraging initiative and creativity to achieve our goals. I led my team to make strategic investments based on clear justifications and definitive plans for how funds would be used.

    As a member of the NC Senate, I will work to keep taxes low for all the hard-working families across North Carolina. I will demand accountability, innovation, and fiscal discipline from our government.

  • Constitutional Rights

    I believe our founding fathers created the 2nd Amendment for a very good reason, and it serves a vital purpose in providing for the security and stability of our nation. The Amendment, and the liberty it secures must be protected. I also believe that there are some reasonable, common sense measures that we can take to make sure our schools and neighborhoods are safe from criminals, terrorists, and mentally disturbed individuals. Confiscation of legally owned guns from law abiding citizens is wrong and allows criminals to have the upper hand.

  • Education

    All three of my children have come through the Wake County public school system, and my wife is a former elementary school teacher at Fuquay-Varina Elementary School. I understand the importance of making sure our schools are the best in the nation and of compensating our teachers as the professionals they are. I also want to see accountability, innovation, and results for the investment we make in our schools. I believe choices in education helps everyone, and families should be able to choose the education path that works best for them, be it public, private, or charter. I will listen to the voices of everyone involved in the education system – teachers, principals, parents, and students – to ensure we are providing the best possible education for the next generation of North Carolina citizens.

  • Our Environment

    Our natural resources are a treasure we must protect. From our mountains to the coast, North Carolina is a unique place with a stunning array of diversity in wildlife, plants, and landscape. Our citizens expect government to be good stewards of our waters, forests, air, and beaches. We demand clean air and safe drinking water. We can’t allow over development, dumping, pollution, or shortsighted policies to threaten the environmental legacy with which we have been entrusted.

  • Protecting Life

    I am proudly Pro-Life and support measures that encourage respect for both the life of mothers and the lives they may carry. I understand that reproductive decisions are intensely personal, and pregnancy may bring fear and danger as well as the joy my family has known with the births of our children. I know that having access to education, healthcare, and counseling helps every pregnancy be a time for celebration. I support measures to ensure that every child has a chance to grow up healthy in a loving and supportive home. Life is precious, and we have a moral responsibility to protect those who are the most innocent and defenseless.

  • Values Based Leadership

    Over the span of a quarter of a century, I took an idea for a company and turned it into one of the most successful private businesses in North Carolina. We competed with larger, better funded companies and typically won. How did we do it? Our entire program was based on a foundation of core values – Integrity, Trust, Initiative, Leadership, and Professionalism. Every hire, decision, partnership, and relationship was evaluated through the lens of those well-defined values. Those core values were more than words on a poster for us, they formed the platform for all operations. We built an environment of trust, and an expectation of the absolute highest standards of ethics, professionalism, and performance.

    I believe that values based, professional leadership is sorely needed in government today. Trust has broken down and we seemed mired in petty arguments and posturing rather than focusing on operating a government that is responsive, efficient, and effective. Our district and our state deserves better. Good leaders set the tone, set the example, and provide a vision for unity that moves us forward.

    I can’t promise to fix everything wrong in our government, but my solemn pledge is to represent ALL the citizens of our district and our state with the highest standards and values. Together, we can make a difference, we can set a new tone and recapture our shared legacy of excellence. Let’s do government better!

  • Affordable Healthcare

    We have the world’s best healthcare system. The the best doctors, best facilities, and a wide network of care to help those in need. The problem is the cost. Policies that help reduce the cost of healthcare so that it is more affordable make healthcare more accessible, and that is good for everyone.

    It doesn’t require more big government or regulation – through accountability, modernization, and leveraging sound, proven free-market economic principles, we can make sure that high quality healthcare is accessible to all of our citizens.

  • Public Safety and Security

    One of the most basic responsibilities of a government is to provide for the safety and security of its citizens, and well trained, professional law enforcement organizations are the guarantors of that security. We count on our police forces to uphold the law, and we also count on them to be professional and operate from the highest ethical standards in their approach to keeping us safe.